$1000/hr. Question
$1000/hr. Question

Is the pleasure of your company 
worth $1,000/hour or more?

Warning: The information that follows may seem controversial to some, but if you keep an open-mind you will learn ways to phenomenally improve your life and the love you attract. Change happens when you take action.

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Tell me: 
  • Do people think you are fascinating?
  • Would a man graciously and happily spend thousands of dollars to spend an exquisite evening with you?
  • Would a man be willing to:
    • Treat you to the best life has to offer:
    • Find ways to support your dreams
    • Etc...
  • Has anyone ever told you that your presence is larger than life?
  • When you walk into a room, do people stop talking to watch you enter the room?
  • Do other women stop you and want to learn more about you? Are they intrigued by your self-confidence and apparent ease regarding life?
No, then keep reading because, I will be sharing some important information that will turn you from invisible to Dynamic.

Would a man be willing to (For you single ladies or women in a long-term relationship):
  • Help you manifest your dreams?
  • Trust you with his deepest desires and dreams?
  • Feel confident about having you as a trusted confidant?
  • Share his lifestyle with you and include you in his goals?
  • Do whatever he had to do just to have you close to him?
Does any of this sound like too much? Does the lifestyle I describe sound extravagant, over the top, or for some of you… immoral? 

  "Every time you suppress some part of yourself or allow others to 
play you small, you are in essence ignoring the owner's manual 
your creator gave you and destroying your design." 
  — Oprah Winfrey

Well, what I just described to you is only the tip of the iceberg. It happens all around the world each and every day. Somewhere there is a woman (women) who:
  • Are living an extraordinary life of their choosing.
  • Are enjoying opulence (life, love, and more) with an exceptional and successful man or men who enjoy spending time with her. 
  • A man or men who value her and the pleasure of her company because, she is the balance he needs to keep his high-powered life running smoothly.
  • Knows the secret of success is being authentic and true to who you are.
And before some of you climb on your moralistic “soapbox” and start passing judgment on the described possibilities:

Remember, most women often give away the most precious parts of themselves for far less or too often for “free”.  Actually n
othing is ever really free:
  • Diminished self-confidence
  • Low self-esteem 
  • Loss of peace of mind 
are too frequently the “price” paid by far too many women.

So if you want to live a phenomenal life, I recommend you keep reading with an open-mind and learn what makes confident, intelligent, and savvy women adored and generously compensated within their personal life and chosen profession. Plus, if you remain open to learning more, there are some valuable lessons you can learn that may change how you value yourself, life, and love choices. 

Think about other successful women in various professions. Women who are larger than life; who men and women would and do gladly spend thousands of dollars to learn from their successful lives.  Success comes from many walks of life. And despite the misinformation mass media is continuously quoting:

Successful men do enjoy surrounding themselves... with confident, gracious, and successful women. Being the best at what you do is an aphrodisiac: An untold secret of women who are true man magnets.

The media and "society at large" has been "feeding" you a line of crap for decades. So, if you are ready to learn the truth about upleveling your life and dating/marriage prospects keep reading.

Why am I bringing up this hot topic?
Because, I am a curious and inquisitive person; who has been working with women as a coach and consultant for many years. I have:

  • Heard their concerns.
  • Watched them settle for less than joyous and passion-filled lives.
  • Talked them through their tears and self-doubt.
  • Vowed to learn ways to uplift women and show them different ways to:
    • Appreciate
    • Honor
    • Love
    • And respect themselves. 
I love being the bold and joyful one who learns the timeless secrets; the enquiring mind that has to know and be able to answer the questions other women where too shy or scared to ask. My search began over 20 years ago. I have invested thousands of dollars to learn about women who are irresistible. I have been researching fabulous and out of the ordinary women for a long time. I have:
  • Read autobiographies of powerful and successful women:
    • Courtesans
    • Queens
    • Public figures
    • Business women
    • Etc.
  • Talked to:
    • High end well-paid escorts. (Yes, the truly amazing ones really do get paid thousands of dollars for their time and charming personalities.)
    • Successful business women running multimillion dollar businesses. (Their own or for others)
    • Women happily married to affluent and lovable men.
    • And learned what makes some women exceptional while others settle for so little in life. 
What I have learned is incredible and needs to be shared in a way that is fun, sacred, and sexy. We (women) are so quick to neglect our personal desires and dreams and too often allow society and its constrictive views keep us from living amazing lives.

Please understand...
It is basically a mindset I am sharing with you.

A decision you make:

  • To improve your life and life choices 
  • To live your ideal life and love relationship. 
I have personally applied what I have learned over the years...
  • I went from being a struggling single mom to being able to attract into my life the type of business, personal, and romantic opportunities I choose.
and I will share with you some amazing personal stories. Stories that will make you laugh out loud then, sit back amazed that something
as simple as a change in attitude (Your deserve level) can open up a whole new world to you. There is much to learn about living and loving from your true self and not settling for the "crumbs" that society says you should be happy to receive. 

When you think about the people you know who are enjoying life; they are usually considered to be the "odd" ones.
Bold, daring, and unconventional; Unconventional people who live life:

  • Based on what feels authentic to them. 
  • Willing to live outside the “box”.
  • Not overly concerned about other peoples’ opinions. 
  • Willing to live a full and incredible life. 
They are usually the happier ones. And now it is your turn. It is simpler than you have been lead to believe so, as you glimpse into a lifestyle that is rarely discussed; take a deep breath; allow yourself to learn more; and keep an open-mind. 

Plus, let’s be honest, woman to woman, wouldn’t it be nice to peer behind the “curtain” and learn a few feminine secrets to elevate your life and improve the quality of men you attract while becoming the pinnacle of womanhood that:
  • Inspires a man
  • Supports the need in most men to be the high achiever he desires to be without sacrificing her “soul” in the process
  • To be a woman who is supported by an incredible man because, he knows she is above and beyond the typical women he has met or meets.
  • Follows her personal bliss and becomes stronger in her commitment to be the person and woman she chooses to be.
Yes, well here are a few tips to get you started:

Your first tip: Our unconventional woman and her lifestyle did not happen by accident or wishful thinking. It requires:
  • Confidence
  • Discipline 
  • Education (College is good, but not mandatory.) 
  • Ongoing self-improvement  and personal growth - Health, personal appearance, reading … book smarts (Something more than romance novels or other fiction… Non-fiction is the key.) 
  • Etiquette training – First class living requires special skills:
    • Fine dining
    • Conversation skills
    • Graceful movements
    • And more...
  • A true and sincere interest in men. (In other words, she likes men.) 
  • A desire to understand men and know their needs. 
  • And so much more… 
Are you surprised? Well, like all worthwhile things in life; being a well-informed, desired, and quality woman is a choice which requires concentrated effort. Being beautiful is only the icing on the cake. If a man is spending top dollar to have a specific type of woman around him; he expects her to be:
  • Accomplished (i.e. personally gifted)
  • Capable of interesting conversation (i.e. intelligent and worldly)
  • A great listener
  • And so much more...

A smart woman understands how to fit into a man’s life. She complements his lifestyle and needs. She does this with a charismatic and sincere personality. She is:
  • Intelligent
  • Funny/witty
  • Charming
  • And confident.
She stays current on the topics that interest her men of choice. His world views, hobbies/interests, and anything else she thinks is important to him and equally enhances her life.
Notice: I said, “Men that interest her.” A woman who knows herself and knows who best suits her personality and interests is highly valued by the people around her; remember this and be unwilling to compromise personal needs and values. A wise woman will not sacrifice what is important to her and the things she requires to enjoy life. She is far from ordinary and knows it

Learn these insider secrets and watch your love life can go from this...

Your second tip: The definition of insanity is: "To continue doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results." Well, here's your chance to do something different; to step up and be a little (Or a lot) bolder. And go from feeling like this about your life and romantic options:

To This...

So, if you are:
  • Replaying the same tired "script" in your love life.
  • Stuck in a romantic rut.
  • Meeting the same type of men and expecting each new guy to be different.
  • Settling for less than what you want in life and love. 
  • Ready to live your personal dreams.
  • Willing to change your attitude about love and relationships.
  • Willing to learn a few new things that will turn you into a happy, satisfied, and well-loved loving woman.
Then, here is you chance to step into your exquisite personal bliss!  

I am hosting personal consultations for exceptional women who are:
  • Tired of coming up short in their life and romantic options.
  • Seriously ready to learn empowering feminine life mastery skills that few women know and/or are taught.
  • Meet and maintain a relationship or relationships with an extraordinary man or men. (The skills you learn will enhance your relationships with men in general.)

Register below for this insider’s preview to an opulent, passionate, and soul-satisfiying life. Since this is an exclusive program covering a sensational topic:

I am limiting participation to 20 incredible ladies… No exceptions. 

I want to be certain I have time to devote to learning more about you, your desires/needs, and to be certain the info shared is being received by women who are truly open-minded and ready to receive some great coaching that will change their lives in very fun and positive ways. 

Is this you?
It is, wonderful; you will be part of something fabulous and fun. Sign up today and reserve your private consultation. 

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